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Europe Blog #1

Everyone always wants to know - "What's the latest in European fashions?" I am here to give you a very up to date report! I have just returned from a trip through several fashionable European cities - Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest. While the fashions there are different from those in Italy and France, I can definitely report that we are very current at Pistachio!

I will be doing a fashion report in 3 parts - with accompanying photos I captured "on the street".

#1 item on the street was short shorts. And I mean SHORT! These have completely replaced the mini shirt and were fortunately found only on the young! I noted that the vast majority of people were under the age of 40, probably due to the fact that most people our age were likely on tours. We prefer to plan our own trips.

#2 item were ripped, tight jeans. These were all various colours of faded denim and white. I did not see any straight or wide legs.

#3 item was off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops. And lots of lace - tops and dresses. At Pistachio we have been showing off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops for a few seasons - and have just started showing lace. I'm sure we'll be expecting more of that for spring 2018!

One thing I did not see were capris. All bottoms were either very short or ankle length. We did not feature capris at Pistachio this season - and found that the ankle length pants were so versatile as they could be rolled up or left down depending on the proportion needed.

Stay tuned for more Fashions First from Europe!

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