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Europe Blog #2

On my second blog I will feature some of the beautiful fashions for dressing up! These European cities - unlike the much more casual styles of Italy - show more classic and put together looks than linen and loose, "flowy" fabrics found in the coastal areas.

#1 Dresses! Dresses and more dresses! I loved this look! Everyone wore short dresses of every description - floaty skirts, mesh skirts, sleeveless styles, lace - every type of dress for daytime - with fancy sneakers and flats of every description. I LOVED the casual shoes and The Look! Totally "de rigueur". I saw next to no high heels, which has always seemed so impractical for cobblestone streets.

#2 Coordinated tops and bottoms and mixed fabric outfits. We are just starting to see this trend at Pistachio. Had a bit of a challenge getting our customers to go with the look this season, but it is coming into it's own!

#3 The bell sleeve. This was noted on tops and dresses and will be very popular this fall and holiday season.

What I did not see were the leggings and tunic look.

Stay tuned for the third and final Fashions First from Europe.

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