Janie's Fashion Report

October 2023

Is it really October?

We know it is - because as we enjoy the fabulous colours of Autumn on the glorious walks that feel like summer, we know the weather will change and the rain is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is upon us and this year we have much to be thankful for in our beautiful and peaceful country of Canada!

It's always a challenge to know what to wear as the days start out cool and often end up very warm. I love a vest for that very reason. It's an easy layer to remove but keeps us warm as we start a day outdoors. There are many fabulous pieces and matching sweaters to keep us looking put together and cozy!

Contrary to what you may have read in the paper, red is not the most popular colour this season. The vibrant shades of toasted coconut, mustard, orange, lime green and fuchsia are ubiquitous! We are still showing softer shades of pink, lilac and winter white - but they are often mixed with camel and purple. Gone are the dark days of black and charcoal. It's lovely to see and makes us excited to purchase something new and current.

This month we featured our Tribal Tuesday on October 17th. This is always a fun event for us as we bring out new and exciting fashions from Tribal that are loved by all our customers. We had a fabulous gift with purchase, door prizes, snacks and a reveal of a Fall collection that we were excited to show you. Tribal is such a huge collection that we have a new delivery every month, rather than receiving it all at once, and October is our biggest month! I guarantee you will love every piece we are featuring!

Paper Label is a much loved collection at Pistachio. Watch for our special videos featuring this Vancouver line with our friend Lisa Devine and a fun Fashion Friday to follow! This line combines the comfort of leisure with the cool look of street wear, by just adding the right jacket or sweater to the mix - and its unique colours make it a stand out collection! Our Fashion Friday feature will be October 27th.

Before I sign off, I would like to express my gratitude to you - our wonderful customers, without whom we wouldn't have our business and be able to continually offer you the latest, exciting fashions. You will always find something new! Our Pistachio Team is a fabulous group of women who just love helping you find the perfect look for your shape and lifestyle and who are a constant pleasure for me to work with.

Enjoy the beautiful days of Autumn!