Help! Suddenly I have a tummy - what can I do?
Often women who are not born with an apple shape can develop it, as hormones may cause us to change shape as we age. There are many tricks to camouflage areas we are not happy with and [...]

How can I transition into Fall if the weather is still hot?
One of the best ways to do this is with colour. Exchange the bright and citrus shades of Summer for the warm and woodsy shades of Fall. Wine and navy are great transition shades and grey mixes effectively with white, pale pink and [...]

Europe Blog #1

Everyone always wants to know - "What's the latest in European fashions?" I am here to give you a very up to date report! I have just returned from a trip through several fashionable European cities - Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest. While the fashions there are different from those in Italy and France, I can definitely report that we are very current at Pistachio! [...]

Europe Blog #2

On my second blog I will feature some of the beautiful fashions for dressing up! These European cities - unlike the much more casual styles of Italy - show more classic and put together looks than linen and loose, "flowy" fabrics found in the coastal areas. [...]

Europe Blog #3

No trip to this part of Europe would be complete without a few photos and excursions to the fabulous cafes - so irresistible!! A few more looks that are worth drawing attention to [...]

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