Europe Blog #1

Everyone always wants to know - "What's the latest in European fashions?" I am here to give you a very up to date report! I have just returned from a trip through several fashionable European cities - Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest. While the fashions there are different from those in Italy and France, I can definitely report that we are very current at Pistachio! [...]

Europe Blog #2

On my second blog I will feature some of the beautiful fashions for dressing up! These European cities - unlike the much more casual styles of Italy - show more classic and put together looks than linen and loose, "flowy" fabrics found in the coastal areas. [...]

Europe Blog #3

No trip to this part of Europe would be complete without a few photos and excursions to the fabulous cafes - so irresistible!! A few more looks that are worth drawing attention to [...]

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