Pistachio Points Card

PISTACHIO is NUTS about our Points Card! As many of you know, this card has been working for our customers for over 12 years - and it's been a great success! It is a simple way to earn 5% back on your full price purchases and to collect double points on many promotions and events! If it's a hassle to carry another card, just take a picture of your bar code and you can use that to collect points when you shop!

Our Pistachio Points card can also double as GIFT CARDS. Giving a gift card to a friend or family member? Well, you're also giving them a Points Card, and when they come to redeem, they will begin to collect points on their new purchases.

When it's time to redeem your points on any regular priced purchase (1000 points =$50) you can use your card or your phone. Pretty simple, right?